Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nothing Exciting Going on...

I think lots of snow is exciting! Seems like last winter was without good snow. We live on a flat, paved road, have a huge parking lot and there are 3 males to shovel. And my Rav4 gets around so well. No reason to not love snow!!
Life in the valley is so much more serene than over on the docks!

This picture cracks me up:

Derick made Aunt Cathy's banana cookies for T...they didn't work, too much butter or not enough flour, too bad!
Isn't Bellla growing quickly?? She ALMOST always makes it outside now...although the snow is as tall as her bottom, sort of freaks her out. Manderzz and I are heading to ANC on SAT night after a long day (working out, stroke clinic, Manderzz; bake sale --her class adopted a needy family through the Salvation Army, her game, a birthday party for a cute soon to be 3 year old....THEN we head to Cold Bay THEN finally Anchorage. We have tickets to New Moon on Sunday morning, and with any luck at all HEDER will have us over for a delicious dinner with her wonderful family. I've been working out and doing things around the house lately....not much that is blog-worthy. A mom cooking, cleaning, organizing, working through a to-do list.

Monday Troy catches up with us. He's got appointments most of the day TUE. After that I'm not sure what the plan is for most days. Pattycakes is going to be there, maybe dinner with her? AKGlitterQueen and kids are coming up too! We've got to get pedicures, it's a tradition when we get together....maybe Thanksgiving in a diner?? I'm good on turkey and stuffing for awhile, but didn't have any pie as I need to practice crust before I make any pies. --I guess Christmas will be at AG's --the infamous deep fried turkey! We're having a New Year's party here! Now I just need to buy Christmas gifts, we're being calm this year. Not a ton of fancy electronics, did that last year. Nothing has broken or come out since then that is important.
Stocking stuffers are the hardest to find, I'll try to do that in ANC. I need to go alone to do that really, hard to do with Miss Manderzz along.


  1. Hi...we love snow. It's been in the 60's and 70's here which is unusual but it's great for doing the outside decorations and shopping!I'm sure our snow days are coming though.
    We get our stocking stuffers from the dollar store whish is 5 miutes away. Walmart..Kmart..target ..sears are within 15 to 20 minutes. We have a toyota 4-wheel drive too. It's deer season here so my 17 year old is using it for that. We just ordered his cap and gown and graduation announcements. Love your dog..we have a 16 year old choc. lab..

  2. ok that should be which..me and those typo's..

  3. mthc...16 year old Lab! That's ancient for that breed, right? Wow..hehe my 18 yr old went duck hunting yesterday, but he's never gone out for anything big. I think I have to pay for his cap and gown and announcements soon, the things to buy never end during the sr year!

  4. New Moon and The Nutcracker? I am SOOOOO Jealous!!!! I have to plan a HUGE trip in the spring that will totally make you Hella-Jealous!!! Glad you are having some Mum time with Manderzz! She Deserves it! Remember, Vampires Suck but Werewolves Ravage.......LOL

  5. CD Bella has grown she is so cute. I have new additions here. Dad and I took our new kitty to the vet for her ear cleaning. While there they told me about having several kittens dropped off. Anyway after putting my kitty in her carrier I left with two identical twins yep two little boys solid gray perfect identical twins. We fell in love with them and decided since we have the room we would adopt them. The vet is taking care of all their shots and neutering them when they get older.
    I love the snow it is so gorgeous. You are right the valley is serene. Wow you do have a busy trip planned to ANC. You all will have tons of fun.

  6. lol CB, I meant, "Lauri are you back in town?"
    Are you going to show off all of your new sea glass??
    I won't be jealous, but I'll be happy for you! I took lots of international trips before kids and will again when they're gone...you go figure out everything and I'll copy, k??

  7. And CB...when did you start talking like a 16 year old trying to be tough? I love to tease you!

  8. Iam loven the pic of Jr with the frosting LOL thats a grin he has going there!