Saturday, November 28, 2009

Opps AG's Halloween Madness That I Forgot to Share

I know it's totally late, but I went to bed super-early last night and it's quiet this morning (I even did laundry, to me that means we've been gone too long...all my workout clothes have been throughly used) My one complaint about this hotel --it's HOT!! Like 73 or 74 degrees...even in the exercise room!

AG and neighbors (Ray and T's co-workers) put on the best Halloween ever! Full-grown Somans were too frightened to go up the stairs! Mothers were angry that it was so scary and tween and teens had to dare each other to go up the stairs...
They had "dead" bodies with axes in them already in body bags with evidence tags in the yard...fog everywhere and the creepiest 6'7" (or something like that) Jason (or maybe just some scary guy?? I don't want horror movies) at the top of the stairs with a REAL chainsaw yelling at everyone. (the chain was removed) the sound and the smell was very scary then add the huge creepy guy and the fog ughhhh....

and a SCARED teen!

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  1. CD what a fun Halloween stop. I like it a good scare lots of fun and laughter. The costumes look great thanks for sharing the great pictures.
    we are still under the weather with the flu here looks like HiNi came to visit and is staying for a while, sigh.