Monday, January 25, 2010

Bella Got Mail Today!

Sunday afternoon...reading lots of scholarships to see what they might qualify for. I am impressed that they're finally focusing! I did have to stick the pillow between them for awhile!

Day 2 of the great scholarship hunt.

The dog version of sweet potato fries! How cool is that? They're chewy, take awhile to eat and she loves them!

Tammy in TN...I mean Sadie who looks exactly like Bella but full-sized (same eyes even!) Sent Bella a wonderfully soft doggy blanket and some sweet potato snacks! THANKS Tammy...errr Sadie. And I will put Bella's Colts neckerchief on her on Sunday...not promising to watch the game puts me to sleep...and there is too much to do to sleep the afternoon away!

The last two days have just been about homework for me and homework/scholarship applications for the teenagers also a nice walk in the park with T last night, and a couple of hours at the gym today (best way to get through a huge amoutn of Indigenous Science reading)

Manderzz and Dyls have been hanging with friends, playing soccer (both) and piano (Manderzz) T is doing what he glad to have avoided that job! I'd never make it through this semester with another thing to do.


  1. Aww how nice for Bella. I think she will enjoy her blanket. We are pushing the kiddo to do something with the four legged furry frustrated digging archeologist she left here. We need to get him gone he has dug tunnel under our garage and trees we need a couple of pick up truck loads of gravel to fill up the garage tunnels. The boys caught their first mouse. They killed it and proudly brought it to us. We praised them and rewarded them with some of the fresh Coho Salmon we were having for dinner. We are enjoying our fresh Alaskan seafood.
    Glad the kids are looking at scholarship applications love the pillow between them LOL. I feel for you with your reading such fun text LOL. Glad Capt. T and you got to enjoy a walk.

  2. Wow - am going to follow you a little more closely about the kids and schlorships - yeah, just saw my daughter's new guidance councelor and found out the apps must be in by October 1st. Heck, she doesn't even know where she wants to go yet. And waiting on a swim schlorship - well, we won't know that until her senior year - ugh! I have a feeling this is going to be one tough last year and a half of HS.

  3. Lori, it's super intense. Trying to meet all deadlines and having every bit of information collected, then they get to write lots of essays too. I have no idea what is available in other towns but here the businesses are incredibly generous to the graduating seniors.
    The entire senior year is super-busy, and expensive!!
    haha Margarita, the kitties sound mean fresh frozen? No red salmon for months, just an occasional king (chinook?) we never use those names.