Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Job for Me..This Time!

Classes are going, I am spending more time on the treadmill and bike to complete my reading, I fall asleep after 20 minutes reading at home LOL....
I did apply for a job that stated 10-15 hours a week. It was really going to be much much more than that, sometimes even going into over-time! It was a non-profit, not much pay, all the hours expected, but not in the job description. I decided to say, "thanks for interviewing me, but I am not the person you're looking for" and left it at that.
Whewwww....don't really want to work now, I am enjoying my classes and trying to psych myself up for a couple more semesters of the basic classes that I've been avoiding by taking interesting ones!
The last blog post took three days! So frustrating. A tech came out and "upgraded" our internet...whatever..yet another bill from them and it goes out 5x day --ughhhh frustrated. I am heading to the aquatic center (aka The Pool) to work out for a couple hours while savoring some calculus text reading..but we had a good weekend, 2 soccer games yesterday (forgot my memory card, again!) We had the bonfire on Friday night and a few people over for a spaghetti dinner followed by games.


  1. Work is kinda over rated anyways - enjoy your time off!

  2. I agree with Steve! Of course, I am lately on vacation or emergency leave so I have forgotten what the real work force looks like. :) If you have time to kill (and from the sound of it, you may not!), you might check in with Lauren as I think they will need some extra help with auction if I don't make it back....

  3. I agree too! Concentrate on your classes, especially calculus - that takes some time and practice! Plenty of time for work later.

  4. Sorry to hear of your internet troubles. I have a computer part on order my power pack charger is wearing out. I hope the new one gets here soon. This old one has to be wiggled to get it charged. I think you are right enjoy not working, take the time for yourself. I know the basic classes are a painful bore, but they must be endured. Hopefully the will be some what interesting. Sounds like you had a great weekend Bella is so big. The boys go Thursday for their surgeries and shots. We are hoping they will behave and not be too rowdy.

  5. ohh so thankful that I didn't even think about that job after I heard the hours and all the duties, after my 1st calc class today!