Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kid on the Way

Just got a text...Jr has boarded a flight. I won't jump to any conclusions, but chances are looking better that he will make it. Now will the dentist have an opening? Will we get seats out of here the day after tomorrow??
I was up and busy from 5am-11pm yesterday! I got nearly everything done that I wanted to. AND hooked up with Chris G for dinner. I just happened to be waiting for a pizza and salad from my favorite resturant (so I'd have the pizza already if my kiddo actually got in) while I was waiting the plane went back to ANC (those poor people, that is miserable to fly over stopping a time or two usually, circle....go back to Sand Point I THINK he said (??) and then to ANC. Then do it again today, sooooo tiring.
He's been at the airport since 10am. Was there 9 hours yesterday. I had a quick appointment this morning which was right by Heather's house. I came here afterward and relaxed!
That's about it...so ready to go home...miss everyone! Missing meetings and regular food from home, everything. It's fun for about a week, then I'm bored and ready to be back.
 Miss my Manders!
 Miss Bella...
 Miss Dyl....and T who I don't have a picture of on my camera....oops but I'm hanging out with friends--
Tomorrow --oral surgeon (with any luck!) ohh and to Gamestop for T. He messed up his Modern Warfare 2 game and evidently that is very tragic!

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