Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meanest Mom Ever....But It was Too Funny

D finally made it in late on Tuesday night, the oral surgeon squeezed him in on WED morning --thank you Dr. Heagy!
The hour post-procedure was hilarious!! My kid isn't real talkitive or loud....he was for an hour....I have a couple videos on FB too. You can see them there --unless you are bitter about Facebook (CB)

We've got to hurry and pack to get to the airport after a couple quick stops --say bye to Hethykins, get some yummy bagels, lunch from the Middleway Cafe and a fancy smoothie for the pitiful one.
 He had an extra dose of anesthesia, waking up was high on his to-do list!
 Gyro calzone....yum!! Was dinner for 2 nights :)
 It was his last meal a 3 layer chocolate moose with a sponge cake base, I shared a bit, delicious! He's going to try to make some for us.
 Shrimp Parmesan with huge shrimp!


  1. So glad Junior got there. Yes he is the poor pitiful one. You got some great videos of him. I love it. We were able to move dad to the hospital rehab facility today. He is still getting breathing treatments, and will receive some physical therapy. He had over 20 pounds of fluid drain off. His heart is enlarged and was failing, they hope they can get it to be more healthy after this therapy. All we can do is to hope he will get stronger quickly.

  2. Yes, You are the Meanest Mum Ever!!! (And the Coolest BFF!!)
    I'll Start a fund over on my blog for the Therapy Junior will need after everyone sees this online.

  3. ouch...that gonna hurt for awhile.

  4. We're at the airport, but better than flying out and NOT landing....he's had a huge strawberry frapp-a-something and a oxycodone...he's quite content for an hour at least.