Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching Up #1

 44 merit badges !

Dyl and friends found a little cardboard boat washed up in the back yard 9 days ago....random! They took it out in the little creek and it worked!

It's mid-June...we're late going on vacation this year, but less than 2 weeks until we go!! Anacortes and Reno this year....with a couple days in Seattle to attend Seattle University's new student orientation. I've never been to Reno, I'm not a gambler! I'd rather just buy stuff & watch dvds, even exercise than lose money gambling! Dyl will be attending wresting camp and I'm taking Manderz to see Justin Beiber in concert (ughhhh!) Anyone have ideas of things to do for 8 days in Reno with a 12 year old? Dyl will be with us part of that time ....after camp is over while we hang out for 2 days before the big concert with 2 billion other 12 year olds!

In March Derick finally finished everything he needed to and became an Eagle Scout! HORRAY!! He had accomplished 99.9% of the requirements by age 13. He just had to do his Eagle project and a lot of paperwork...then a ceremony. Dick Peck a family friend who has been an Eagle advisor for many years helped encourage Derick, thank goodness for him!!!