Sunday, July 04, 2010


We're in Anacortes with my dad & step-mom, of course it has been busy! We've got an extra teen (not unusual for us!) We flew down Wed. We saw two movies the Thursday.... We shopped and ran errands Friday and went over to Whidbey (sp?) Island and played on Saturday after checking out the farmer's market in downtown Anacortes. The kids were recognized!! AKDave saw Jr (AKA Derick) then confirmed his suspicions by seeing the 2 girls. Dyl was with me and grandmas waiting for a little pesto pizza. He came over to say hi...saw Dyl and said, "Look at the size of this one!" LOL my thoughts exactly!! I am amazed every time I look at him!!
I rented a vehicle (mid-sized) at Hertz through Priceline (LOVE Priceline) the nice rental guy saw all the teens and luggage and upgraded me to a ginourmous SUV!! I NEVER would've guessed that Hertz would be that nice!

BIG doughnuts are famous here
Red Robin 1x is a must!
Deep fried jalapeños for this one...
A double-burger for the big brother :)
Hula-hooping in a party store to burn off lunch.

Snacks @ Costco...followed by cheap day ever according to the kids!

Soccer in the yard.

Look at that Bear Claw!


  1. Thank God you Got Dylls Hair Done!! Now he can be on the blogs without frightning anyone!!
    Have FUN!!

  2. Glad to have met you guys at the Anacortes Farmers Market Saturday..

    Much improved haircut on the younger one Mel, you need to take Jr to that barber next... :)

    Have a fun visit to Anacortes and enjoy the fireworks down on the waterfront tonight


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