Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahhh...It's warm, Lots to Do...Reno is Quite Wonderful!

The pool in our not-super fancy (but very comfortable) suites-hotel is NOT heated brrrrr....

The day we arrived, the kids played in the pool at bit. We were able to leave Seattle 4 hours early, we didn't have anything else to do! D & A were heading back home...time to leave Washington & figure out Reno! The Horizon flight into Reno was very bumpy, ughhh! Reminded me of landing at home in Feburary or March.
We took Dyl to camp...the next day HB & HD came for a few days' visit!!

We drove out to Cabela's, I just wanted to tease Troy, lol that got me nowhere, now he's planning a trip to the Cabela's near Seattle in September....that's BAD!!

We had a late lunch at the grill in Cabela's was like eating at a baseball game, but was fine.

I almost bought a GPS, but decided that Mapquest is enough. Tickets to Rascal Flats, Kelly Pickler & Chris Young sounded like more fun!! It's in the 90s everyday in Reno and warm at night and in the mornings too. I still can't get over that! LOVE IT!!

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  1. Glad you are having so much fun. That hot weather entices me, too! Love it!