Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4th...Brrrrrr!

The brothers were cold --and fighting my cold.
We went to warm up after the parade....we found Dy

Playing some games while warming up.
I do not know why this carving makes me laugh so much! I love it!!

Mandy & Grandma Carolyn eating some fair food (maple bar with bacon & a bacon dog) LOVE the carved bears having a marshmallow roast!


  1. CD great pictures love the bears having a marshmallow roast. Looks like a cold parade but lots of fun. Yep once kids get cold they snooze, they get warm they sleep, I think they can sleep just about anytime but when we want to sleep lol. You can have our bunnies our field is full of the pesky creatures. I like them until they get the urge to nibble on the garden then the bunnies are pesky lol.

  2. ohhh ya think? I think bunnies are so cute! I'd grow food for them :)