Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vancouver BC, Waterslides...and Yummy Food!

Olive's a once-per-trip dinner. I was so sick with a cold that I ordered soup :( SAD!

My step-mom & I have been planning a trip to Canada forever! Or at least trying. The 5th of July was the day it would finally work out. I was sooo sick, but knew it'd probably not happen again. It was gorgeous and I am so glad we went. My dad did the driving, thank goodness. It's very busy in Vancouver.

This slide was so intense!

The waterslides were in a little town in Washington, just over the boarder.
King Crab $40 a pound??? Even if it's Canadian $$$ sheeeshhhhhhhhhh

The fruit was gorgeous!! We went to a market like a mini Pike Place.

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