Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last Bonfire of the Season

Random wacky hair color was the "thing" in October. Thankfully went away after 6 weeks or so...

One of the kids brought an old Christmas tree the river...but bonus for us, a very cool stand was still attached to it and we had a very stable tree this year --albeit a freaking ugly tree! Come on Foreign Language Club! Sell us a better tree next year!

We brought out an old pogo stick, some people just have better balance than others...

October 11 was the last time we had a bonfire....we do it often MAY-OCT right in our yard!
I love my yard. it's more of a driveway really, it's HUGE and flat with room for 10 vehicles or more --we have 4 vehicles plus a big skiff and still have room for a fire! It's on the one paved road in town, no precarious driveway to navigate like a lot of folks here have to contend with, no neighbors crowding like so many people have to deal with and a river in the back yard! Nothing green to fuss with either LOL. There are mountains on 3 sides, we get less light than most people, we don't see sunrises or sunsets, but seem to get a lot less wind too. And after 8 years in an apt on the second floor (Poor Jim and Joe had to hear our extreme loudness all that time!! They were VERY patient!)

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