Sunday, January 25, 2009


Round two, I had to have a couple more crab fritters :)
She ate hashbrowns instead of dessert! CRAZY girl!!!
YES! The chocolate-covered strawberries were THAT GOOD!!
Pat and Regina know how to track down everyone!....Unalaskans treat the dental staff (also our Post Office employees) VERY WELL. It's just a good thing to do in a small town!!!
Gigi-- Chef Rich's Queen
YUM!!! Smoked salmon, smoked halibut, steamed shrimp and pineapple are my favorites and the crab and cornbread fritters were amazing!! The won-ton with pork belly was good (omg I thought it was tofu, I'd never eat pork belly on purpose!!!)
Give me a waffle AND and omelet Bro!
I make this handsome chef nervous --all I did was call him a cute nickname in front of Jeff --oops!

My buddy Gigi invited us to brunch... el Capitan is at sea earning some money and we were starving so we went! We never seem to eat real meals when he's gone....

The ladies from the dentist's office were there too. They're sweet and can bill insurance better than any other provider I know of. That is a pet peeve of mine, I only go to places that don't screw up the billing and don't charge outrageous prices (quite common out here!!) Amazing coincidence -- the amount of dental work I NEED each year is the same as my limit :)


  1. Wow, you are quickly becoming the queen of the local blogosphere! Love it!

  2. We should all be queen of something LOL...I really wish I was Queen of the working out at PCR instead of sitting on my couch typing :)

  3. Hi cookie dough. I saw your post on DHD about scrapbooking and had to go to your blog to read more about you. I live in Bastrop, TX and am an avid scrapbooker. My avatar is actually a pic of my best friend and I at Creating Keepsakes Convention in Houston, TX. Janice (My BFF)and I (I am the one in the pink pedicoat)host scrapbook retreats, day crops, etc. Her Husband dubbed us Thelma and Louise. It kinda stuck and that's what we call our business...Thelma and Louise's Get-A-Ways. I would love to hear about scrapping up in Alaska. I am actually coming to Alaska (the inside passage)on a cruise in June. You know I have been stocking up on the cruise/Alaska embellishments.

  4. Hey Sindee, I used to live in San Marcos! Small world on the blogosphere. Have fun on your AK hubby and I did one last Sept. and loved it. I'm not one of CD's scrapbookers, though I have made some feeble attempts in the past. Just not very crafty, I have to admit.

    CD, I am with you on the workout thing. Rich and I are rededicating ourselves as of TONIGHT. :)

  5. Hey Sindee...I get a lot of my AK stuff in South East when I visit family...we have nothing here! eBay too!! Those tourist towns have tons :)

    Although I have a RARE set of Unalaska stamps that a friend made years ago and are languishing in her basement in KY hint hint CN
    OMG Gigi --- Alena! and I ate Peking --I'm going to burst tooooo much yumminess

  6. They have smoothies at brunch now? where have I been?

  7. Next time mumbler #1 calls just ask what he puts in them!! They were good!

    That reminds me I must take my new juicer attachement home and use up some of the 20 oranges I have from our organic food boxes!!

  8. sindee our scrapping is not that fancy anymore, it used to be, but we spent so much $$ and bought so much stuff that we mostly try to use up CTMH and SU items and random stuff we've aquired over the past decade.

  9. I'll do a crafting off my "stuff" it's insane how much I have!

  10. Gigi, San Marcos is only about 45 minutes from me. How long ago did you live there?

    Cookie dough you know...she who dies with the most stuff wins!! I am also trying to use more of what I have, but it is hard when so much koot stuff keeps coming out.

    I also saw that you are on the school board. Small world, I have been with the Bastrop ISD for 20 years. I'm a payroll specialist. Y'all need a good payroll person up there? I keep saying I am moving north. I hate the summers in Texas (been here all my life)!!

  11. Not at the school for sure, Holly is the greatest, seems like the city is always in need, check out their website!
    We jsut ignore all new's not too hard to do when there are no parties and I just avoid the stores as much as one can....Joann's paper section is hard to avoid completely!!

  12. Sindee, I got my BA at SWT in 1976. Long ago. LOL (I see they've changed the name to Texas State, not something I am pleased about!) I also lived in Austin for awhile. My sis lives in San Antonio but I ended up in Abilene for 20+ years before moving to AK. I have grown daughters in Dallas, Granbury and Amarillo so only get to your area now when there's something happening at my sister's. LOVE the Hill Country, though. I don't even mind the hot summers!

    CD and Alena, I have not been to Peking in a year. Maybe it's time to check it out again.

    Alena, they've been doing smoothies for a long time, where ya been, girl?