Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Not Moving!

Our very old TV wouldn't die--it's now in a back room with Guitar Hero 4 attached to it most of the time. I didn't think this giant thing was needed, but I seem to have taken it over. I love it! And I have to do something very un-Unalaskan-- complement the shipping process -- Best Buy got it in on a Monday it was taken to Ace(for free!) and was here in our house by TUE afternoon, very reasonable shipping rates, everything perfect and about 30 hours total time AND it was pouring down rain on TUE...THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!
It's fun-- if we tease him about it being dirty, he'll go wash's JAN nobody washes vehicles in JAN!!
Every couple of years there are rumors that we'll be transferred to Kodiak....that is good, we love Kodiak for many reasons including family, even more hunting and fishing for those of us that care to do those activities, a big house with a garage and lawn, more sports for the kids...but at least one of our kids is determined to graduate here and continue his job that he loves very much! I have a lot of college left before I earn a master's degree too! I like the fact that they are no fast food restaurants here, it's a close-knit community, I'm able to take classes, we're very involved in so many things.... Anyway, either community is OK with us, but we're staying and we treated ourselves when we found out we're staying in Unalaska!!

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