Saturday, January 31, 2009

What More Can You Ask For?

They heard a little helicopter and ran
My kids preferred to be above the horses...
This horse is the boss and is awfully forward, I try to avoid him.

So we've got tennis and racquetball, parks with equipment to play on and gazebos to lunch in, a fancy and expensive red clay baseball field, a pool with a slide, a couple weight rooms, nearly 20 cardio machines, an indoor track, a library with any book (they don't mind borrowing from other libraries!) and more DVDs than even a dedicated DVDs addict can watch in 10.5 years...oh yeah the best Chinese food delivered right to your office :) and everyone knows about the buffet at the Grand... I'm so glad there are
We have "wild" horses that are very sweet, it's been awhile since I drove out the road a bit and bonded with them..


  1. Great pictures!! I absolutely love horses.

  2. Great pics cookie! Love the one with your hubby...I went out there and fed them carrots one time, and they started surrounding me, was kinda dogs were running amok around them and one of them got kicked in the side of the head. She doesn't go near them now. She hasn't been the same since. Poor little girl!

  3. We love the horses, too. We took Aidan (my grandson) out when he was here last year and I had to hold him the whole time because they kept trying to butt up against him and scared him to death. LOL They are friendly but a little pushy! They have blocked us in in our car, just licking away at the windshield and the doors and windows as we tried to inch away a little at a time.

  4. It's those 2 with the white noses...they're bossy!
    I like the mare with the blond mane...she is shy, I would always try to give her some food.

    I was not a fan of the big old gray one who passed away, he was huge and pushy!

    Are you going to the auction at 5pm??
    We're baking mini bundts with ganche (sp?) mini cheesecakes (if I can find my mini-springform pans) creme brulee and cream puffs! And nobody from my family is even in the Foreign Lang Club..the kids ask for donations and it's hard to say NO!

  5. not that you need any random food with Rich around LOL

  6. All this talk of food...i want some haha!! creme brulee sounds good.

  7. it looks good! He's better than me, his stuff is looking yummy. My little cakes will be cute with some what & chocolate ganche (?) on cheesecake I think I left them in too long on the high heat before turning them to 200 degrees :(
    There are 18 languages spoken at the schools here, the kids with parents from other countries bring the yummiest food ever, this is a fun auction!

  8. Those horses are beautiful. Hey, didn't they try to geld some of them a while back to curb the population or something...or am I not remembering that right?

    Also, geez, your community has a lot more to do than mine.

  9. This place is crazy busy! 2 soccer games, a meeting for my health law class, I baked 2 things, my kid baked 2 things, a 4 hour auction and the boat is pulling in right now. Hubby will meet us at the rec center for soccer...he's in a mood to talk to a grouchy soccer mom LOL...I'll be on the track walking and listening to "Outlander" on my ipod...a very fun book that I think is going to be a movie.

    Yeah, I think they did succeed in gelding the horses, I think the babies are adorable, but I guess they're hard on the land or something.

  10. Sounds like my kinda auction lol. My motto is always leave room for dessert.

  11. We are going at least for a little bit, Rich promised Susan Lynch he'd donate something. We've been at Burma Rd. Chapel doing my storycorps recording with Sharon and Kristine. It was so much fun and I could have talked another two hours LOL you know how I can be when I get started. I ran out of time and had to condense the last 25 years into about 3 minutes. You should definitely go and do it!! And Troy too, I imagine he has lots of stories.

    Yeah, that big ole horse was the pushiest one. I named him Buster when I first met him. :)

    Maybe will see you later on.