Sunday, February 01, 2009

So Much Food...

We scored a pirok from the teenager's g/f's mother. YUM! We had some before I took a picture. It's another dish I've only every eaten in Kodiak and Unalaska but sooo good people are missing out! Pie crust with white rice, salmon, veggies and boiled eggs...yum!!
I've never seen kulich in this form, but it's a rich pastry-like yummy bread with a lemon-cinnamon flavor who cares what the shape it
I don't know if pancit is as popular elsewhere as it is in Kodiak and's sooooo good! The eggrolls -- lumpia are almost as yummy, but they're deep-fried and make my stomach hurt after 1 or 2. It freezes well, we had some last night and enough for 3 more dinners (I love to not have to cook!)
I froze the enchiladas for a dinner when the cheese-hating capt. is out at sea.
Tables laden with delicious treats went all around the gym.

My kid has fans! Linda came for his creme brulee!
This picture is awful..but was the only place big enough to put everything...we were running late of course. They all looked yummy in person. He didn't share even one cream puff or creme brulee with his sister, she was mad!
He got a little torch for Christmas!
I wanted a "pro" to put the finishing touches on my little cakes.

I actually crashed at 8pm last night and slept for 11 hours! I must've needed it.
We baked in-between all the other activities. The auction was completely overwhelming there was maybe 300 delicious-looking items offered. The auctioneer let us buy some before she started, SCORE! I bought my favorites, from my favorite cooks that I buy from every year! It's so funny, people are almost hurt if you don't buy theirs, and everything looks so delicious....I grabbed my 3 dishes and was home in less than an hour. Pancit (Filipino noodles with veggies and meat) from my good friend Ana is a must! I wanted tamales, Carolina's mom declared hers were better than Irma's (fighting words around here LOL) but everyone else voted for enchiladas, I caved and got enchiladas. My last purchase was some kulich-like bread (Russian Easter bread which was braided, not in the usual coffee can shape, but very delicious) We didn't get any desserts, we baked all over anything with sugar. And I've got to pack...I will eat nothing but fiber and veggies for the next week at rural nutrition class --I'm glad LOL..I've got to get ready to leave now...


  1. Wow, I am overwhelmed! I stayed home while Rich dropped stuff off...we did not need any more food...we need less food and more gym. :) Hope everyone made a good little profit for their trip, though. Have fun on your travels and we'll see you soon.

  2. All the food looks so good!!!

  3. wow.. i never heard of sticking veggies in a fish pie! makes me want halibut fish pie now! and that pancit, I never knew what it was called, but damn that stuff is great! Must have been a good selection. LOL at the fighting words, same here! gee your son is better in the kitchen than I am, creme brulee huh! looks good!

  4. ohh yeah, it's more of a Kodiak thing..shredded cabbage, carrots, onions and even rutabegas (I don't get that one)really adds to the flavor. My favorite co-worker makes crust from scratch too...I like that better than the premade.
    Such a small world, I met your puppy at the airport at home b4 I flew to ANC LOL LOL he's soo cute. His ears are adorable. And the sweater...sooooo cute

  5. Oh man, that first thing sounds awesome...the Pirok, I've never had anything resembling a fish pie before, but yum! (Minus the onions though please!) It sounds like the auction was a success though...and delicious!

    Have a good trip and don't let the volcano get ya!

  6. now I am in desperate need for Pancit and damn if I didn't start a renewed focus on my weight today...

  7. LOL LOL all it takes is a pout at Ana. My kids ate the 2nd portion already yesterday... I don't think there will be any left when I get home.
    I will make a "Unalaska recipe " section to share with everyone...especially because interviewing elders about food, obtaining recipes and hints contributing to a cookbook is on my agenda for college AND work too...