Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catching Up

The birthday cake her beloved brother got up at 5:30am to bake, 3 layers of cake 1 of mint chocolate chip ice cream and one of cookie dough ice cream (all 5 of us LOVE cookie dough!) the frosting is real whipped cream, he ditched her for his chick, but he made a cake and gave her a itunes gift card, so the birthday girl "dealed 'wif it"
She looks so grown up with the new 'do
Love it when there is a pianist handy!
These one did leave his room long enough to score a bunch of goals in soccer....
It was icey outside there was way too much gaming this past weekend!
They knew as soon as I saw the lime and purple I'd be snapping pictures!!

I am finally caught up with my homework, after 2 weeks of really not having a chance to do anything, what a chore to catch up! I just need to stay caught up...is it mid-May yet???

Saturday was such a full day! I got my hair done, and so did the birthday girl, wow did we need that!!!! (she looks so grown-up now!)I skipped both soccer games (I hate to do that) My daughter and I did the Story Corp thing with the kind facilitators, we cracked them up! We're quite succinct and had a hard time filling 40 minutes! I don't like getting flowers, they're so expensive here and usually die within a day, Jennifer from the PO told my husband who was looking lost at Eagle to buy me chocolate-covered strawberries, I love Jennifer :) We all feasted on those. My eldest son was up hours early to bake a 5 layer cake for his sister and make a card for his g/f. I was too tired to document that! Darn-it, it was a nice card too!
The b-day girl wanted to play Halo and Boxing on xbox with her dad and the mate off the boat (??? funny girl) so that is what she did Saturday evening.
We had a nasty dinner of chicken nuggets and fries made of real potatoes YUK! We don't eat like that and she is a junk-food junkie. We had a piano-playing best friend over that night so we had music while we sang :)
She got lots of clothes, a 3rd ipod from a grandma (who NEEDS 3 we're still wondering, she has lots of excuses though) a digital camera, an itunes gift card from her biggest brother and $70. She was quite pleased even without a big party!
The teenagers went to the Grand for dinner on SAT night, we got stuck eating nuggets with the b-day girl. But we did make it to the buffet on Sunday. No pictures, she didn't want to look like tourists! (I need to grab that cute little camera for blogging if she's not going to use it!)

I signed up for the Biggest Winner contest on Sunday, I won't win, but if I can lose my chubby cheeks and wear size 2s again I will be thrilled.
I worked out and scrapbooked on Sunday too....
I'm so glad I had Monday off!!! I needed it.


  1. The cake looks so good, you cant beat cookie dough ice cream although im the only one in my house who actually likes it. your daughter should know that she is VERY lucky...i would love to see my brother get up early to make me a cake!!
    Also her hair is really pretty

  2. is that the last peice of 5-layer cake for you for the year?

  3. Yes, I've convinced myself that it's old and dried out from the freezer...I'm all about snap peas, broccoli and blood oranges! I'll be just a bit testy though, I'm warning ya...

  4. Thanks Dani, she is lucky and cute too. She was still mad that he paid attention to his g/f not her, she's a bit greedy. She had his attention up until 6 months ago when he got a truck, job and a g/f!