Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ice Cream Sunday

Not quite as bad as the Grand's parking lot, but the school actually MAINTAINS their parking lot on a regular basis....'jus sayin..
Patrick!! He's awesome, smart (expects to get an A+ not just an A) athletic and volunteers too! What a guy...See his shirt? That is from Native Youth Olympics how cool is that for a sport? That's in spring, stay tuned.

My son going back for round 2

I posted yesterday from the ANC airport between flights. I have say that my flight was very nice! (except for the plane being nasty dirty with a broken tray, graffiti on the chair in front of me, cookie crumbs all over my seat before I sat down and general nasty greasy-ness everywhere on the walls) when you get past all of that is was lovely!
We made no stops en route, I had 2 blankets (no pillows) used one as a pillow and slept for 2 of the 3 hours the journey took. There were only about 8 passengers so we each got a row to ourselves, the flight attendant was friendly and there were a few blue patches in the sky when we glad I was scheduled for yesterday and not today!
This is the only pic I took from the air as the flight was so uneventful!'s of the spit made famous by the show that shall-not-be talked about on my MOM blog, but I think I can see the boat my husband runs, so it's OK! (blue on near the read boat in the water)

Today was not a perfect day for eating for me! The annual fund raiser for our beloved preschool offers a vast array of ice cream and toppings and allows you to eat all you want!! Then gives out a hundred or so door prizes. I was there for only 30 minutes, haven't heard of we won anything yet. We bought 3 tickets for each family member to support the preschool AND to maybe win a plane ticket or a hoodie...because we neeeed more of those (not even!)

It was a white out storm and that didn't stop anyone from attending!! We're

I admit it I ate ice cream made from milk from cows not grass fed, probably loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup which is the yukkiest food ever... It was a small bowl, really and pretty yummy :) and I was very good all last week! Plus I did cardio for 80 minutes today!


  1. Oh! I've watched some of the native Olympic competitions, some of those events are amazing!

    I'm glad you got home safely, even if the ride was slightly ghettoed up with the grease and graffiti.

    Ice cream...always worth it...always. LOL!

  2. We missed it but my scale will probably thank me. :) Glad you're home.