Tuesday, February 03, 2009


A gillnet hammock?! Unheard of in Unalaska!! Kodiak IS very different.

Obviously from about 1984, but we used to have a lot of fun at Mill Bay beach when we were too young to drive..this is my younger sis and brother.
Fort Abercrombie is sooooo fun! And we've never run into a bear, horray!
Buskin Beach is OK in a pinch, we were looking for bears, but of course no luck...
Long Island walks are a family tradition everyone loves.

-40 sucks! I want it to be summer and to be in Kodiak...I get that way sometimes...Unalaska is awesome, I'm still Just a Mom in Unalaska...and that is a good thing, but....but Kodiak is so green, there are trees, it SMELLS so good.... I want it to be the end of July or the 1st of AUG and be on Long Island or at Fort Abercrombie......I can pout it's really cold and I don't like it!!

Maybe I'll look for some frequent flier seats in AUG, wonder if I could leave again after 6 weeks in JUN/JUL ...hmmmm


  1. Freakin groundhog. I want SPRING! Ya, I said it...SPRING!

  2. -40??...wow i cant imagine what that would be like, i have never been anywhere that cold!!

  3. LOL it's crazy...prob just a bit warmer as it's afternoon, but still..I see it's 39 degrees at home...that's nearly 80 degrees different --in the same state!!
    people are leaving their cars running --like all night and they're all breaking because of this or that problem...I am sooo glad to live in the SOUTHERN part of AK!!