Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honor Students in the House

They made about 30, here are a few.

How cute are these guys??? They asked to make some cards for the National Honor Society to sell in school tomorrow....they helped themselves to some snacks, conned me into making juice and even got my daughter to help!
I just happen to have more card-making stuff than anyone could ever use in 2 lifetimes, so I don't mind sharing.
(notice my kid, just watching...his grades are there, buthe hasn't made it into honor society YET, something about sleeping in class???)


  1. How cute are those cards!! I feel your pain sista. That is totaly the kind of thing I get roped into on a regular basis. I just finished covering and embellishing 13 letters for my granddaughter's cheer squad. Tell the kids that this scrapper things they did an amazing job!

  2. LOL...I sort of had a big pile done already...just cause I wanted to play with that cute CTMH paper last year. I gave then 12 and the other ones they just had to assemble, putting cute hearts that I already made whereever...but I think that's GOOD for two 17 year old boys!! (and 2 hours was enough time spent they didn't need to work until 1am!)

  3. Well done! Those are spiffy cards!