Sunday, February 22, 2009

Halo Friday....or Melly Madness???

This room was about 90 degrees! These guys are soooo relaxed they don't get worked up playing the 'old guys' they win without even getting worked up!
2 nice kids in the living room with the "old guys" It isn't as hot or as smelly out in this room, they're pretty smart I think!
13 year olds don't travel without laptops anymore.
We had some delicious beverages to sip while we sat for hours :) The 11 yr olds and the cute new 10 year old were staying out of the way after they ate some pizza and brownies.
Not sure which name I like better, but I am certainly leaning towards the second one for obvious reasons! The boat is gone and I'm going to do the Polar Bear Run (walking) with several other Unalaska bloggers and fellow Unalaska Biggest Winner participants, the weather is looking good (so far) the rocks in my back yard are even dry? I can see the ground AND it's dry...what a WEIRD Feburary!!!?? The pavement on the other side of the house is dry too....amazing...that never happens.

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