Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rural Nutrition Class

A tired and gigantic working on that, really! I have to beat Alena! in the Biggest Winner Contest
Emily sells me native beaded crafts for reasonable rates! I've commissioned a kuspuk with lime green!
Yvonne reminds me of Irene and takes care of me, well we take care of each other!! She's my roommate this time!
Randy Mayo of Stevens village has some incredible programs going on in his village.

This speaker loves a fight with any government entity!
Yesterday was very intense..I felt very out of place. We had INTENSE speakers all day who talked of tribal sovereignty and taking back control of land and thus souces of traditional food from the awful troopers and ADF& I have no dog in this fight and really don't see this as a problem in the community in which I reside. the equate the battle to that of the civil rights movement in the 60s. Maybe? Those awful FWP people?? That's how we put our food on the not going to get into any drama.

I'm not up on tribal politics and never will be....I'm just a blondie. I refused to write a letter to "my" tribal council telling them to band up with these folks and fight the troopers and the government in general..the idea of me doing that is laughable for so many reasons!
Anyway, it's intense and I may get a chance to hit a couple stores tonight with a friend from my Health Information Management classes, I am excited about that!


  1. an AK native style coat
    here's my buddy gigi in one:

  2. Wow, sounds like some political activists in there!