Friday, February 20, 2009


My younger son doing a PPP for Science that was so good he got an A+, the teacher asked him to go first to show everyone how it's done AND she invited the Superintendent to watch! Good Job!!

My WAY over-scheduled oldest son being sworn in as our student representative at a school board meeting. He's cute, he cooks AND he's civic-minded too

I haven't talked about my kids in days! I'm usually a much more involved mom than I have been this week. Their dad is going out to sea again soon, good for him to be hands-on this week, right? That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! He's been running them back and forth from the school and PCR and helping with a Eagle Scout project and cooked a couple times too. I'll be on duty for the next couple of weeks or so...who knows for how long, I didn't even bother to ask, they'll be home when they're home. Plus now I have another wife/mom to whine to when I get burned out and she can say, "Yup, that's how it goes." it's nice to hear that. Actually calms me down.

Everyone is addicted to playing X-Box. We should have about 15 in our house tonight. 3rd week in a month LOL. I get to eat pizza, and 2 women and and 2 girls are joining us too.. are coming to share in our misery while the 10 noisy boys play.


  1. we always appreciate parent involvement it helps the kids

    I love PPT presentations in my classroom

  2. I have been terrible about being involved lately! I get too wrapped up in my own classes. Progress reports come out every THUR and we know before the weekend if they turned in their homework and what sort of grades they got for the week. It's a lot of work keeping everyone on task! Next week will be an intense checking on the homework week...hate that! Wish they'd just get it done. If we didn't care they'd be OK with zeros here and there...I can't even understand that??

  3. haha 3 weeks in a month, it deserves a name, i think you should name it X-box friday!!

  4. Good idea Dani! I'll post pics of "X-box Friday" tonight or tomorrow.

  5. Veda just got some new games in over at her shop BTW, if you are feeling guilty about not spending enough time with them. It sounds wrong, but I always appreciated Guilt Gifts as a child.............

  6. Oh no...not THAT guilty! Isn't letting 3 friends each for EACH boy, even the 40yr old boy, letting them "verse" each other from other rooms and buying pizza enough??? I think so!

    I'm practical...they can have some new clothes from AE with my 40% off coupon, but no dumb games!