Thursday, February 26, 2009

Calm after the Storm?!

The other lovely picture of me (omg those chins must go!!) is to remind myself to sell those 60 eBay lots sitting in my living room....ughhh when can I squeeze that in?? I can't throw the packing peanuts away...I might need them someday, spaz!!!

What a gorgeous day for the end of Feburary! I want to be on a walk! I had to peek at the webcams from over on Amaknak Island. All I can see is a big hill and blue sky from my office and it's driving me crazy! I want to be home with windows open and cleaning everything. Maybe that's just 'cause OPLG is using my house for a Pampered Chef party on Saturday evening...
My oldest is home with a stomach "thing" yuk I hope nobody else gets it...throwing up sucks!!
I'm still eschewing refined sugar and loving it, everything tastes better already :)


  1. Our bottle of sugar free hazelnut coffee mate non dairy creamer at the office has corn syrup as the second ingredient. That just ruined my whole day.

  2. skim milk it is! Or fat free half & half?? yum!! I wonder how that stuff is "fat free"????