Saturday, February 07, 2009


In person this coat is bright blue with gold trim and 2 kinds of's gorgeous!! I love it, even though it's NOT lime green.

Here I am with 2 classmates and our elder Margie... I'll never get over that fact that -11 in Fairbanks feels warmer than 25 at home. I know humidity, wind etc.
I'm almost home! I saw the ocean right before landing in ANC...I'm not used to being so far inland as Fairbanks is!

Last pics from class...tomorrow back to just being a mom...a mom with a ton of homework :(

We had our last day yesterday, we've all grown pretty close and WHY we're in this class, what we're really going to do with the information is sinking in...last semester we were all not really sure what it was about!

YAY! I get to watch the last night of the UCB Auction, I love the auction!! I miss home...there was 5 "boys" over playing xbox last night teens vs adult "boys" My daughter took a movie of everyone being crazy and having fun so glad that is out of their system LOL. Sooo not a Xbox fan, I'd have been in the dining room doing homework.


  1. I'm going to have to send you something in lime green! LOL! I miss Fairbanks...I'm still hoping to get back up there this year, but it's looking slim. I'm glad the class went so well and that you guys grew close. Have a safe trip home!!!

  2. Fairbanks is not my favorite place, I don't "get" why everyone likes it? I go when tickets are sent for my classes, but I'd never choose to go on my own. It's nice to pick up a few things for the house at Fred Meyer (coffee grinder, pumpkin seeds, a speaker phone with mute..random things that aren't avail in Unalaska) and have a coffee at B&N..beyond that, I've got nothing.. I've spent my entire life on islands so I'm sure that is a big part of it!

  3. Welcome home, CD. We missed you at the auction!! It was lots of fun and a little hectic at times but all went well.

  4. Welcome HOME CD!!!! I'm Going to have to send you some photos of your soMe getting the truck stuck.............LOL

  5. LOL thanks! His dad has un-stuck him by now?? Gawwwd how does one get an af350 with perfectly functional 4wd stuck in a parking lot??
    What does that say about the Grand's parking lot? Or about my kid's driving skills????

  6. I hear that he drove over a big rock and got! He's cute, but takes after his mum in the common-sense dept sometimes.

  7. Well, it's not so much Fairbanks itself that I care about, it's the people there...and a couple hours to the southeast...I just miss my friends.

    Ah, sadly no, I did not win this time! Boy, I'd have loved it!!! Dan posted that maybe they'll do this again and get more organizations involved. So maybe there's still a chance one of these days! I'd love to meet you guys in real life and see the island and the lifestyle.