Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Story Corps

I don't believe that this sweet grandma ate Cheetos and Tab while Alena was gestating!
Our gracious facilitator Kristine
What can I say??
Even after a long day I still don't look as awful as I did Sunday when Alena caught me at the PCR about to do Cardio!

After a long day at work....2 classes yesterday and 2 today and taking a friend that just moved to town to lunch --YUM Cabo Salad from the Grand! I did Story Corps with Alena! She's a nut.....I'm sure everyone knows that.
We had fun though and it was must less unnerving as last time. We talked about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, less cookie dough, pizza and kung poa beef pretty much... Now I want to quiz Char and Irene and get them talking, they have GREAT stories. I'm a much better interviewer than interviewee...


  1. we miss you've been too quiet this week!

  2. Oh my goodness. I told you I switched to regular coke when I got if that is any better! Every time I got pregnant I couldn't stand the taste of diet drinks...and I started chewing ice until delivery.

    Thanks for coming in for another conversation. I am still chuckling. You guys crack me up.

  3. Yeah, I feel like I have too much going on this week for some reason. I just wrote on Alena's blog that I would walk with you at Polar Bear Run, in case you don't go back and see that comment!

  4. cool! The weather better be decent :) I hope they have hoodies still...I don't want to do it without earning a hoodie! :)

  5. Yeah, I asked at the desk today and they still have most sizes left. I know, I am with you, I didn't want to do it without a reward. LOL And actually I made the comment on the Biggest Winner blog, not Alena's, about walking with you. Not that it matters. :)