Friday, February 13, 2009

Colonial Job Fair

There is always food, I did have a bite of some sort of apple dumpling or fritter....YUM!!

This "tobacco farmer" was very clever!
Read the sign Dude! (like that green apron?? It's mine of course!)

I'm sitting at the kitdchen table, there are 10 "boys" playing Halo 3...ages's very loud here tonight!
Last night the 5th& 6th graders had another event...This is a new one, they all were assigned careers that may have been available to people in colonial times. Our daughter was a barber, she and her partner cut some wigs they attached to big bears, I thought that was pretty creative. Some of the booths were pretty elaborate! There were 3 kinds of smiths who knew? tinkers, bakers, ship builders, a miller, a seamstress, a storekeeper a candlemaker and others that I can't remember. There was food too... glad to not have lived in those times. Glad my going-to-start-to-eat-better-on-Sunday friend Alena! got us Canadian bacon, pineapple and jalapeƱo pizza for lunch and I didn't have to eat colonial foods!!

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