Wednesday, February 25, 2009

YUMMY Lunch Alena!

We're kind of obsessed with food this week... (or always I guess) But Alena! and I are in a race to lose 30 pounds. I saw her eating this lunch this week and it made me HAPPY! I'm day 3 of no REFINED sugar...I still find carbs in healthy forms..I'd be a total complete grouch with a headache if I didn't!. I'm still eating a lot, the kids and I ate cesear salad after I worked out for 90 minutes and my daughter swam. (The new engineer on the boat's family is wonderful and we've been meeting up with them at the aquatic center) Sonia wants to do the aerobic class at the PCR tonight, I HOPE it's canceled and I can do my cardio machines :)


  1. Yummy! Thats my favorite lunch combo and under 400 calories...lmao! I was tired of salad...what can I say? Diet Crack keeps me from killing people.

  2. Sometimes you've got to go for the chips and coke! Me, I forgot breakfast and ended up grabbing a chocolate protein bar and...AND chocolate yogurt at the store. I was literally shaking from the sugar! blah! I'm rooting for y'all in the challenge!