Saturday, February 21, 2009

Preparations for Melly Madness

My bad habit are contagious (my name IS cookie dough!!)

Brownie makers!

Every bit of food is either in a Tupperware container or a freezer in my house, plus no far that's protected me from any vermin...'cause I like organic cleaners that smell good, not toxic chemicals that make it hard to breathe...CB is going for the chemicals.

This salad is actually delicious...looks kinda boring, but it's not!

I skipped lunch on Friday, actually had Alena grab a giant Cabo Salad! YUM! I ducked out a bit early to buy some food for our X-Box party which an adorable 4th grader dubbed, "Melly Madness" (there were 3 Mellys present) Look who I found at the store-which-shall-not-be-named when I was dashing through the store in search of enough junk food to keep a whole bunch of kids from rummaging through my cupboards in the middle of the night. He was buying supplies to scrub his apt just in case rats try to move in.

I found some brownie mixes on sale (2 for $4) and some cheap pizzas. We bought 2 good pizzas from Dutch Harbor Fast Food, which has GREAT pizza ...I think we ONLY spent $65 LOL... One of the guests brought a cake too. All was eaten except about 1/3 of a pizza and a few brownies.


  1. ah.. the kids is what it is all about during this season of life relish it


  2. sounds like fun all around, and plenty of junk food, i got to admit i am fond of a brownie or 2, even 3!! lol

  3. Brownies are pretty much one of the best foods ever...comfort in a pan!

    However, that sald does not look boring, it looks wicked awesome and it makes me wish I had one in front of me right now!

  4. I could eat a Cabo Salad every day! But then all the expensive organic produce would be ignored, so once a week will suffice!

    Brownies are great! But chocolate chip cookie dough is the BEST of all! :)