Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it June?? It's Freaking 52 degrees out there!

It's so warm here today it felt like it feels in the summer when we camp! 52 and muggy is CRAZY weather for February!!

I've been snoozing after work, making dinner, running kids to and from events and straightening up the house so I've done nothing for the past 2 days! The boat is back, we're going for a big hike tonight, one we usually only do in the summer, I am excited!

I just love this picture it cracks me son had gotten into a bunch of Pushkie (that's how we always said it growing up in Kodiak...everyone out here adds a "t" after the s) his friend's mother sent them out to cut the pushkie in the bright sun...omg the friend was worse, but my son was a mess too... that's why he's all scarred up. Alena's sweet mother brought over some Angelica lotion she made and that helped, he healed and doesn't have any scars!!!

I'll find a picture or two. But the seaweed eye was funnneeeee.


  1. Yikes! Pushkie burns are terrible! Every year, Char posts warnings about pushkie burns.....and a graphic photo of a youngster with severe blisters! Someone came in yesterday and said it's already blooming, my eyes are burning just thinking about it. Early spring??? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. yeah that was Dyl's buddy --the graphic one. He was not quite that bad.

    Wonder if the pushkie will die if it blooms tooo early then freezes???

    Where are the mosquitos? You know they're waking up!

  3. OK, what in the heck is Pushkie, Puskie, Pustkie? At first I thought it was like poison ivy, but it burns? It leaves scars? Is this some kind of Alaskan death plant!???

  4. k, I've only ever called it pushkie, but Alena is very informed and says it's called "cow parsnip" or "hog's weed" other places.

    I like Alaskan Death Plant better...The devil's club they have in Kodiak and Wrangell is a bad one too! We don't have that one here I think??

  5. damn mosquitoes are out and around my house yesterday before it the wind started to pick up again! way too early to be seeing any flying insects, I had a house fly in my window yesterday too!! :|

    I know it's so warm out for this time of the year....

    and damn those (yeah we put the t in it too) "poot-sh-keys) burns look bad, I've NEVER seen them like that before!! I look forward to and love eating them every year (they are great with seal oil!)... :D

  6. That only happend to me once in my whole life and it happend in Dutch I swear they have the King of pushkiee growing on that island! The only good thing is every place they cut the skin off is SMOOTH and doesnt have freckles any more. man maybe it should have hit around my crows feet!! ;op Poor Dyl !! ekkk was your mom heart sad or what!