Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy 5th graders

Telling some friends about Chester Arthur's life...
"Chester Arthur" by a mural depicting his many pairs of pants.

I'm STILL trying to catch up with my classes....I am so hating this semester, but I haven't really talked about my kids too much, bad mom!
Our school district is great! For a small town the kids receive an excellent, well-rounded education many of our teachers have been here for years! That shows that it's a GREAT place to be! The class sizes are fairly small and the students are not allowed to fall through the cracks, I appreciate that, I've got a couple that need to be kept on track!
Here is my daughter in the "Hall of Presidents" Each of the 5th and 6th graders that participated portrayed a different president. You donated a quarter and the "statue" would come to life and recite a several minute long history of the president. Their memorization of the speeches was impressive! better than I could do. They raised over $400 to donate to a food bank in Anchorage. My daughter was Chester Arthur, she's a bit of a fashion-ista and talked mostly about his 80 pairs of pants and that during his time as president he had the White House re-modeled and he took some vacations to Florida too. I looked, there really wasn't too much to say about his politics, I guess she didn't think any of that political stuff was important...


  1. If I had 80 pairs of pants I'd def include that in my it is, I think I have at least 80 pairs of shoes...

  2. Awesome that your school system is like that...more should be. I'm glad to hear they raised so much for the food bank! Also, 80 pairs of pants, wow! I wish times were still simple enough where 80 pairs of pants was the headline! lol!

  3. I always find it interesting to hear about schools in other countries and how different it is to my school. i dont think i could survive in a school with small classes, lol i like to slip through the times.

  4. ohh Dani....don't look at the next post, will ruin your image of the now hot kid LOL

    They will even go get kids on testing day here! It's great. If the weather is really bad they take the kids home in suburbans with a plow and 2 police cars for escorts. That hasn't happened in a couple of years, I sort of miss storms were we can't leave the house and there is no internet or phone service, it's fun!

  5. LOL i think the picture is cute, hasnt ruined the image!!
    how different it is here, due to snow last week (probably very little snow compared to what you get) lots of schools here had to close, because we dont get snow like that here that often, when it comes people arent prepared.

  6. We are very used to snow and it takes a complete white-out to stop this town! I miss big storms, it's fun...ohh I have a couple pics from 2/13 a couple years ago I'm going to post!