Monday, February 02, 2009


I cannot believe that my flight made it and I left, it was snowing quite hard, but no wind to speak of. There was a giant guy...(we could barely put the armrest down) in my window seat, so I couldn't see anything.

I took these 2 videos awhile back they show what it's like to land.....I can't handle it unmedicated!!!!

It's 40 below zero in Fairbanks, it was 26 above when I left home...I want to go home! I fear Mt. Redoubt is going to cause me to not get back as scheduled...and this morning I heard about another volcano in Japan that is acting up...kinda nervous!


  1. omg, video #2 made me sick just watching it. I hate landing here, but the feeling of being home and done traveling when you finally get to the terminal kind of makes up for the trauma.

  2. LOL the video of the waves is next!! :) I'm just looking out for will have power to not eat treats!
    I'm eating apples, blueberries and buffalo sausage this am.

  3. I love that scary-combined-with-happy-feeling to be home!