Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

He's serious unlike those older kids 'course the older kids won anyway, they're really good!
They're a bit slower at getting everything set up in this room....
They weren't nearly as quiet as they appear! (I really do mena to get that pile of junk on ebay very soon!!!)

Quick little 3x3 cards for her class, no stress!

I'm so glad that I have a 3 day weekend, the weekend flew by and I even skipped a few events! I had tickets to go to the Chocolate Extravaganza, but passed them to the teenagers, they shared a bit (no sea salt carmels though!) and it was delicious! I still need to get to the museum to see the sculptures!

We had an X-box party again on FRI night. 10 "boys" all "versing" each other, lots of pizza and lots of Halo 3. It was cute, I sat at the table and did paperwork.

My daughter made her own cards for her party at school Friday, all I did was cut the cardstock for the cards. She used the same hearts as the boys did earlier this week...That's so easy, I used to have 3-5 kids all making cards and treats for 3 classes!! She said her friends were bringing treats for her birthday and I didn't have to make anything, I'm getting a complex! That's the second time this week I've been let off the hook!
Here are pics from FRI --


  1. Looks like all the guys where having alot of fun while you were busy working!! The cards look really cute and passing on a chocolate extravaganza, that is something i could never do haha! atleast they did share with you though

  2. Mel, the cards were precious! and so is your daughter. She looks like a chip off the old scrapbooking block. Here is the link to the blog I started to chronical my cruise to Alaska and life in general