Friday, October 02, 2009

1st Whole Day in Paradise

A bit cloudy, but soooo hot. This is also really late in the day.

So much humidity that my lense is not happy.

T loves to play in the ocean, not me!
I forgot to take pictures of much at all the 1st couple of days....getting better.
Had lots from today's adventures. I'm tired, will look at the new ones in the morning; karoke, waveruners, suntans etc. etc.


  1. Oh, I am soooooo jealous, look sunburned in that picture...soak it up, girl! Not to rub it in, but yesterday here was BEEEYOOOTEEEFULLLLL! Today is shaping up nicely as well.

    I'd really rather be THERE! Enjoy and hurry up and post more pics!

  2. CD you look like you two are having tons of fun. Enjoy the sun. Love the pictures.

  3. It really is nice here!! Sorta good to be back......Presents for you when you get back!! Enjoy yourself and try not to get too sunburnt!!!