Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Dance

AG and I chaperoned a dance last was cute, LOVED the costumes. We were stationed in the hallway watching that nobody wandered into the halls, I am grateful.... that music! I am officially ancient.
Jr & Juno made some "candy sushi" to sell at the dance & worked hard to put it on. I think the kids loved it? Even Dills said it was THE BEST DANCE EVER...and he never says positive things about events like this one.

The rice krispi-treat with all sort of candy "sushi" actually tastes really good!!

A "fancy" version to share with Kelly --the guy who makes "Real sushi"

I have to go workout...I have many more cute costume pictures to add when I'm back --I dressed at "Jr's annoying mom" and AG as MS's annoying mom...

It was late, we dressed in sweats.

I can't explain it, but Annie the 100 pound bouncer's costume really freaked me out!!

This shot is for Robin! LOL T was enjoying the dance a lot...took a little nap at one point!

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  1. CD looks like you had fun. Love the sleeping teen picture. It is amazing they can sleep just anywhere no matter how noisy it is.Rice Krispie treats and candy sushi sounds quite unique and interesting. The bouncers costume is very freaky looking and different.
    I hope you have a fun Halloween.