Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Fun --Edited

I am acclimated to Unalaska again, I just ran to the landfill in shorts and a hoodie. The weather HAS improved, there is no wind and instead of miserable slushy stuff in the air there is a light fluffy snow falling.
Happy puppy...then cold wet puppy.
Today was BUSY as always...I took pictures of some of the activities, one hasn't happened yet!
Dills participated in his last community swim meet this morning. I admit I snuck away with AG to the GINORMOUS garage sale that MS's sophomore class put on in the cafeteria of the high school, I missed some of the meet, I only saw Dill swim the backstroke 2x, not his best event.
He was mad at himself for not swimming his best, he didn't want to eat lunch out as is our tradition after swim meets. Sonia and I went with AS and his buddy Chris. Manderzz was still home with her cold, I brought her back some chicken (thanks CB for reminding her that a girl needs her weekly chicken & fries meal!)
We then made Mandezz get out to the beach for some fresh air, it was so nice! There was lots of glass too. Bella was loving it until she got wet and cold.
Last night I rolled out a batch of sugar cookie dough and Manderzzz cut and baked the cookies. She made her own icing, found food coloring to make it Halloween-colored and decorated cookies while puppy sitting. I say a girl who can do all of that isn't sick anymore!!
Tonight is a teacher party at the Grand a fund raiser. Go-figure, isn't everything we do around here raising funds for one thing or another? I don't mind at all.
AG and I aren't teachers (I DO NOT have the patience, I admire you and all who do-- mamawas!!) but she is the secretary and I'm on the board so we get to go! Should be great.

I volunteered as a DJ with Jane yesterday for an hour. Oh man, we had to follow Dan Y and Darryl from the hotel --THEY'RE SO GOOD! We were not as professional nor as peppy! I have had several people say we fine and they liked my country music :) The radio station had coffee, cinnamon rolls and homemade muffins for breakfast, pizza for lunch and a party at 7pm to celebrate their GREAT week of fund raising --our town loves our radio station, I hear they took in two times what their goal was, but Jane can talk about that on the UCB blog!!!
I couldn't go to the UCB party as we watched MS play volleyball, she has really improved! Good Job!

Ohhhhh that was AFTER we walked the track at the PCR watching AS's basketball practice and AG locked her keys in her vehicle... OMG I was laughing so hard, she had to get the police to help! She'll be in the famous blotter hehehe....I took a picture with my phone, but it's blurry...

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  1. Wow a very busy Saturday. I love the cookies Manderzz did a great job. I have to agree she can puppy sit and make, decorate, and bake cookies she is feeling better. Kids stay moody it seems it is that phase. Did you find any bargains at the garage sale? Sounds like you did a great job as a DJ. Way to go on the fund raiser the one you will go to I hope is just as sucessful. You had a great day collecting beach glass what a haul. Love the time out stool for Bella LOL. I'll be looking for the blotter report LOL have a great time tonight.