Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Backwards Inside Out Day & a Concert Too

I made it another 1 hours 45 min on the cardio machines at PCR...had to get home to catch the kids in their outfits before they changed. Somehow Dills thought "inside out-backwards" was an excuse to dress like a fisherman in a white t-shirt was from Hollister, but it's inside out & backwards! And his favorite new sweats, a lovely black pair of FCA (Fishing Company of America) pants that were his father's from a fundraiser years ago.

The puppy eats like she's starving....Help anyone with how much to feed her?? I don't want to overfeed, but she acts like she's starving all the time, I swear 2x what goes in comes out! She's hyper, happy and playful now, everyone is having a lot of fun with her.

Tonight's big even was the band concert. Yes, poor Rama, it's that season yet again. Now there are 3 bands --5th and 6th, Jr. High and High School.
Poor AG she had to do paperwork before the band concert because she's that busy :(

Dyl played trombone & percussion too!! We were all very proud.

AS did a fantastic job on trombone, this group of 5th & 6th graders has only been playing 1 quarter and they were quite good.

Several of the XBox playing teens are also talented musicians:

Rama is lucking out...I couldn't find the link to show Dyl playing the's only about 5 seconds long. I'll post it if I can figure it out.
I only made it 1 hour 15 minutes at the gym this morning and have yet to accomplice much else. I better get moving and get some projects done. Will go back to the gym later :) YES, I really do enjoy cardio. I wish I enjoyed the weight room and swimming as much!


  1. OMG I KNOW!! Went to Jr high band and choir on Monday for 1 hour of shear ear BLEEDING!! And 2 1/2 hours for the High school on tuesday although I will say the bands and Swing choir were good but the Jazz band and Choir KICKED BUTT!! They are gonna be amazing in Germany this spring ~~~ Bella is most addorable, love her in the tp tangle!! lol too cute. BUT iam glad she lives at your house and not mine!! Ill love her threw pics ;op I cant get over how much Dil is looking more and more like T !

  2. Wow CD Dills looks just like Capt. T in that outfit. Jr. studying for his SAT's the kids are growing up so fast. I love the band pictures they look great. Many talented kids in the pictures. All I can tell you is puppies are always hungry LOL. They do seem to put out twice as much as they take in LOL, Bella looks happy and spoiled rotten she is a great new member of the household and fits right in with you all.

  3. CD...go there ^^ I highly recommend Purina Puppy Chow. Keep up the good work on your cardio. Get CB into it too!