Saturday, October 03, 2009

Too Much Sun, Waverunner Too --HA!

These 2 guys were hilarious -- I thought someone might enjoy the picture :)

T almost got up and sang --uhhh that captn phil t-shirt!
T and some other very mature 40 ish guys on the whale slide!

Mark from CA and Bob & Maria from NYC....very nice people.

Me cooling off.

He should be cooling off in the waterfall --we moved to the pool with the others very soon after this shot. It was just too hot to be on the deck.

We went very close to Lover's Beach/The Arch on the soon as the weather calms down we're going over for a picnic.

Me on the waverunner!

My always sweet pals Alena! and AG didn't believe I'd go on a waverunner. We shared one, but I did drive it too, no problemo, es muy facil, so there....
We hung out by the small pool, met several very friendly people and worked on our burns, 50 sunblock wasn't enough! We went to dinner, and there was karoke. (I totally thought about you AG! You would've LOVED IT) Ohh hey how was bunko to anyone who went :( sad to miss it!!!

We did the group song Summer Lovin and danced in a silly chain a bit, but never sang a song all by ourselves....we're just not that outgoing...

Was about 91 degrees and I swear the humidity was about the same!

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  1. Way to go CD driving a wave runner. I would be enjoying the pool soaking up the sun and meeting new people just like you were doing. Glad you enjoyed the karoke. Hee Hee Capt. T. looks like he is having fun on the whale slide. Hope the humidity gets better.