Friday, October 09, 2009

Who Knew??

lol not sure how I ended up with a picture of this guy! He loved T...kept talking,being really friendly and crowding him, it was hilarious!

hehe all the people trying to get in.....

Me..that's Jerry the fan T met at the pool...he was downing Waboritas way too fast...NOT GOOD...he was hurting yesterday.

It was hard to get a clear picture, they had a fog machine.

Jerry and wife...poor Jerry...notsmart to drink 8 Waboritas!

We knew about Cabo Wabo...I honestly had filed it in the same place as Hard Rock Cafe or Rainforst Cafe...just a expensive touristy place not too high on my list....I have to say, we're now fans of Sammy and of his cantina! T has maybe 6 songs on HIS itunes list...I could name 4 but didn't care enough to have any on mine.....we had no clue he was still preforming, but we liked the concert so much we're seriously considering going to sit in line again at 4am tomorrow for Saturday night's concert!!

SH has such a faithful following (again, we knew??) the audience had t-shirts from the last 30 years. of concerts and birthday bashes and the funnest...funniiest? thing was spotting fanatics that emulate Sammy --seriously! There was "Grandpa Sammy", "Stoner Sammy", my personal favorite --"Hobbit Sammy" he fascinated me, I kept staring lol...There was a scary "Bull Dyke Sammy" and a "Studious Sammy" who had glasses and looked like he found time to work between following SH around the country.

Am I crazy or does "Scientist Sammy" live in Unalaska???

For a guy who's about to turn 62, he's energetic, fun, sounds just like his records and really puts on a GREAT show! Not sure if we'll go to the extreme of finding all the Sammy fansites and friending Sammy on Facebook like our friend Jerry, but we're certainly fans now!


  1. Was your friend singing 'mas tequila' while downing those Waboritas ??
    Love Sammy - hate tequila !!
    Sounds like you are having a blast down there. Cabo has been on my list of places to go ..... one day ! Enjoy !!

  2. I told you he was a great entertainer! I can't believe he's 62!!!! Go Sammy!

    Love Sammy - Love Tequila - Love Cousin Cath!
    Love CD.....LOL Love My Job - Ok let's NOT push it!

  3. yes he was!! Everyone "in the know" knew that song...we did not LOL
    Tequila is yukkkkky!2 bad experiences many many years ago, one in Tijuana (mas vomito)and the other with my buddy Heather....grape soda + tequila == not good!!

  4. ohh Lauri...I got you and CB a little something from Cabo Wabo... I think after reading your post you will appreciate.

  5. You look like you are both having fun!! Good!! Although T looks a bit red on the nose (ouch).
    I say get a facemask for the Dutch Flight!!

  6. You are bringing Sammy to Dutch for me? Oh, you little goofball you!

    Don't tell my husband....LOL

  7. CD sounds like a great concert. You look like you two are having tons of fun in Cabo. I love Sammy if you go to the Saturday night Sammy fun reroute him this way LOL. Enjoy Cabo You two.

  8. Last time I was in Cabo Sammy wasn't there so I had to settle for lunch at the Cabo Wabo cafe upstairs and bringing home some of the signature tequila - Cabo is a blast, sounds like you're having fun!