Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Anyone Know of Any Captain Jobs in Mexico??

Desert Spa...I LOVE this place...3 stories of pampering!! I've got a few more things to get done before we leave...I learned that it's not a good idea to get a manicure while just in a robe from a lovely soothing mint & eucalyptus body wrap & massage --hard to get dressed with nails that aren't completely dry!!
The huge, wonderful gym! I visit every morning before T gets up -- or today when he's back from the Sammy Hagar adventure and getting a nap. The machines have fans built in..LOVE IT!

Tequila volleyball. I get bruises, volleyball isn't for me.

A ceviche lesson, but, really why bother? Ceviche is available at a couple resturants in Unalaska and I'd rather pay than cut fish THAT small or squeeze all that juice! Why mess with perfection??

Again, T being adventorous and me documenting...I prefer it that way! I'm not a complete wimp, I'm better at getting on and off the skiffs and wave runners than everyone else -- except for T, but whatever that's his life. Our skiff at home is very tall and not easy at all to get into and out of.

He tried to talk me into going, but after going up he agreed that I'd have HATED it, I knew that!!
The first picture of us together...

My new favorite thing to drink, cactus juice. I did a quick search on the internet, couldn't find much about the nutritional content, but it sure tastes healthy -- what I imagine pushky juice (no "t"!) and aloe vera mixed together would taste like...for some reason I LOVE IT.
Tequlia volleyball can be very exciting.

I did it, I palyed BINGO one day, I lost, but it was fun.

I have been reading a lot poolside, I lost a book too. Very bummed. I left it for 30 min and it was gone...who would want to steal a book about life in the middle ages?
With luck and skill from the random Sammy groupie "Jerry" we will be at Cabo Wabo tonight to watch Sammy perform!!
There are several pools here, we like the small calm one, but the bigger one is fun too-- volleyball, bingo, trivia, hitting golf balls...making random people do bellyflops if they get a wrong answer or do something really stupid with the volleyball, but we follow the 2 "good" waiters --they're worth it!
I have several quiet hours today, T and some dude he met at the pool 2 days ago while I was at the spa --he met so many people that night, people tend to call him over and talk to him or just strike up conversations, then they find out where we're from, what he does blah blah blah...don't Troy and all his friends know that I am the center of the world not them or him? But I digress... One of the random pool "friends" that T has made is a Sammy Hagar groupie (who knew there were still such people??) he is here for Sammy's Birthday, again I ponder: who knew?? Evidently everyone should know that this is THE week to be in Cabo becuase it's Sammy's bithday week. He'll be playing several times at his bar Cabo Wabo. "Jerry" talked T into getting up at 3:50AM to go stand in line to get free tickets to the event tonight....hehehe he'll have to sleep for awhile afterward, the rumur is drinks will be served to the folks in line for hours.
Sooo to be continued.....ohh yeah he invites other celebs to perform, so there may be someone who I actually like?? Maybe?? I do hope he gets tickets, it'll be cool whether other singers show up or not.


  1. Looks like you are having a blast! Hope someone really good shows up to play with Sammy Hagar. LOL

  2. Gigi who won the elections? Can you post something when you go to work?? I hope so too...but even seeing SHG will be fun.

  3. Man if there was the Moose would already have us living there. let me know if ya come up with a job ;op

  4. CD now Capt. T working in Mexico LOL Ah the spa aren't they great. I love when I go to mine. Yeah dressing after you get your nails done can be fun. I think I would be joining you and staying in the boat not flying above it. Bingo sounds like fun as well as relaxing by the pool. Cactus juice is great we get it here often. Bingo sounds like fun. Sorry you didn't win. COOL Sammy Hagar tickets you are so lucky gal.

  5. We are looking for a new job for MY Captain...either Hawaii or Mexico...we are ready for some warm life adventures!

    Have a GREAT time with Sammy...he puts on an excellent show, full of least he did when I saw him with Van Halen...Van Hagar, I mean :)

  6. hmm 3 captians that need jobs...we just need a backer with a lot of $$$$ to start some sort of business.
    L&R omg you 2 would've LOVED LOVED LOVED the show...he's perfect still, voice, energy still like he's young and sooo happy too!!

  7. Sounds like he hasn't changed at all! Did you enjoy the show? Sounds like you did, even if he's not YOUR favorite!

  8. We are CERTAINLY fans now....we may even go back on SAT to see him again....we liked him in the 80s...just never thought about him again.