Friday, October 09, 2009

Yep, Days are VERY FULL here!

Ohh yeah..we've got a little color! OMG do we look alike? FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear that happens.....

The very delicious fish from last night...thanks random pool friends!!

I'm a totaly nerd! I did water areobics in the pool, I didn't make it to the gym, I felt obligated.

This was a challange...I had to carry my partner a 300 pound grandma "like baby"

My camera was acting up the afternoon of the concert, with luck Jerry will email me pictures of the incredible afternoon we had --we rented kayaks down the beach (it's insane doen there by Billygain's Island, glad to be down here where it's quieter!) paddled out to El Arco...Lover's Beach, went to the Pacific side -- Divorce Beach I hear it's called, it's got a huge surf and they say you send the unwanted spouse out swimming there to get rid of him or her....just repeating what the locals say....and snorkled for a couple hours...omg there are literally 1000s of fish by the rocks, it was amazing.

Yesterday we just laid around the pool, visiting with couples that we've met-- 4 different ones yesterday. One couple may go stand in line with us tomorrow....i lvoe this place, have I said that before?? "Debra and Mark" had fresh durado that he caught yesterday morning, we all went to a resturant where they cooked his fish 3 ways for us...blackened, with butter and garlic & with capers and white wine. I didn't care for the wine sauce too much, but the other 2 were som of the beist fish EVER (yes Gigi...Rich's fish tacos are still #1) It was like a teeeny baby halibut (very moist and tender) but sweeter than halibut. I really wish T would bring his catch home, but he doesn't want the hassle :(


  1. WOW! You guys look great! I'm so happy for you that you guys got this chance for some alone time!! Can't wait 'til Ray and I get to do that!!!

  2. CD you and Capt. T look awesome. I think I would enjoy the fish blacken with spices you know me and spicy stuff. We enjoy some Echo Falls Sockeye salmon for supper it was great. We are able to get nice fillets for about 6.00 a piece very reasonable.
    Hee Hee love the story about divorce beach I love the local legends etc they are awesome. I bet seeing all the fish while snorkeling was incredible. Sort of like being in a big aquarium. Enjoy the sun.

  3. Sounds like a blast, CD! And the fish....yummy! I am making Mahi Mahi fish tacos tomorrow night (with corn salsa)...I'm lovin' fish lately ?!?

    Stop by with your puppy (I usually have treats here to share with the local dogs)....