Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching Up....I Want to Book Another Trip to Cabo!! I Miss It!

Fishing...the capt and the deckhand had to take the pictures, as I was NOT going to go..although the water looks OK..the deckhand got a huge hook through his hand and T got to drive the boat for a bit while they got it out....that was fun, driving the boat, not the pain or the blood!x
Sadly, the only picture of the marlin he caught, then let go.
Durado...YUMMY! I hope to bring a bunch home one of these times!

Seconds before the downpour that ended up delaying our flight later that afternoon started.

I go outside maybe 10x a day with Bella (only 1 accident today and not even smelly --YAY!) and I really miss the hot wave of humidity that would hit me when I walked outside on vacation..ohh well, it's not too bad here... mid 40s. Although there was ice on our windshields really early on Saturday morning --I know these things now, usually I'd never go outside until after 10 or 11 on Saturday after the ice would've melted.
Tried to look at my mail today, too overwhelming! Can't find my Netflix DVDs?? Nobody will fess up to taking them, so random...sighhhh...
Tomorrow we'll go see Alena! and the staff at my old office and try to sneak to the Grand to see CB...have many errands maybe, if I want to! AG-- you should be a lady of leisure too, we could run errands, lunch, workout and walk the dogs all day!!


  1. Aw Cd the lady of leisure with her sweet puppy Bella. Hurray only one Puppy boo boo she is learning. She is gonna be such fun on your walks.
    Love the fish pictures and Capt. T got to drive instead of getting the hook out hmm I'd rather drive then deal with a bloody hook in hand. The drink looks yummy I think 2-3 would be good for me also. The pool aerobics looks like fun. I know you miss the nice heat wave. We got your ice from Saturday here in the form of frost. My autumn mum survived and still has some blooms on it. We have a family of deer enjoying the grass in our yard and field. I will put out some salt blocks for them this week. Have fun running your errands.

  2. Welcome back CD...

    Good thing you guys got outta there when ya did with tropical storm Rick working it way toward there.

    Back to winter.. !