Saturday, October 03, 2009

Stormy Day, At Least Our Skin Healed a Bit.

The sea glass from the better than what we find at home!

The shells we found after the storm.
It was getting dark and I don't have a photo program on my mini laptop. The ocean was crazy, the waves huge, but it was hot like a bathtub.

Very deserted!

T and the only other guys (the 3rd guy is mia in this shot) that were stupid enough to go out in the water.

Trying to stay outside in the midst of a squall.

This is brave for my husband...he tried a margarita..hated it, but he tried one.

Today was a very mellow day, up late...we ate breakfast indoors as it rained early. I worked out for 45 min. We ran some errands -- got some 80 spf sunscreen lol we needed it! Laid out for a couple hours, Troy visited with our NYC friends in the pool, I slept. Evidently 45 minutes cardio and a 30 min trip to Wal-Mart is completely tiring!

It rained all afternoon, but we went to the beach and the pool anyway. The storm brought in lots of sea glass and shells!! T and 2 others were the only idiots in Cabo Bay right at sunset...they had a great time in the HUGE waves though....we didn't have enough appetite to go out to dinner, grabbed sandwiches and did a couple loads of laundry. The weather will be iffy for 2 more days then better for the rest of the trip! Dyl says he won all of his heats in swimming today, is doing great in wrestling and Manderzz had her 1st basketball game today. She was so excited (as excited as MSN messenger allows one to be) Jr had a bunch of guys over for a wild xbox party with a bonfire (I hear it was soooo warm there Friday??) and an egg toss in the street, I have to find out more about THAT...weird... we miss home, hate to miss does happen sometimes. Thank goodness for grandma!


  1. great pics - looks like you guys are having fun!

  2. Be safe and watch for Rip Currents!!

  3. Great finds after the storm. Hee Hee Capt. T is fearless I would be staying close to indoors and he is out in the water playing in the waves. Glad to hear how well Dyls is doing. I hope Manderzz first game was awesome I know she did great. Egg toss in the street hmmm you might not want further information on that one. Enjoy Cabo get lots of sun and great seashells.

  4. Glad you are having a good time! I saw your kids at Brunch and they diplomatically remarked that they miss Mom and Dad AND are having fun. Cute!

  5. I saw Junior (I think :) at the Grand and asked if he'd rather be in Cabo with Mom and Dad, and he said YES!!!

    Looks like fun, CD...keep slathering on the sunscreen, and like CB said, watch out for riptides!