Friday, October 09, 2009


NO WAY that's our little Manderzz....grandma is a great give us back our baby girl who's only 11!!!

Grandma Buddy and her new friend hiking!! I LOVE IT!!

Dyls at his swim meet. He reported that he won every heat he participated in (did he or is that how he remembers it??) not bad for being sick for over a week AND oversleeping once or twice, missing practice.

ohh this is the one that really got to us! We want our little baby girl back...sheesshhhh she looks like a teenager!
Yes, grandma sells her photographs in Kodiak, mostly of bears (she is brave or crazy that mom of T's)

Jr and Juno.

Dyls always looks tired...doing both wrestling and swimming has got to be exausting!

Wow...they do like their grandma, the boys usually NEVER watchtheir sister play sports --she ALWAYS watches them though....creeps!

Grandma feeding the troops who were over last FRI for a night of Xbox, a bonfire and something ab0out an egg toss in the road...still haven't heard the story behind that?!

We missed her first game, she was soooooo excited, a GREAT coach this year, she's improving a bunch! Thanks Mr. Ley!!


This is the frickin life...except some fruit would be nice. All we have is cafe, cerveza (yuk), pan y yogurt! Even better minutes later our friends from the SH contest called, brought their extra food and we went to brunch! Cabo is the best.

Here's where I'm sitting typing. i should be at the pool, but T is out fishing, i could not risk getting sea sick and ruinning his expensive charter) I am catching up on emails and everything else...which I'mnot supposed to do...T wanted a computer-free trip, pleeeeaassee! That's sort of impossible. I jump om every other day or so. I've got some time before my 2.5 hours at the spa! I love that place!!!!!

My wonderful mother in law is staying with the kidws, she is getting to know them better, T even fixed her up with a friend WH --sounds like they hit it off just like AG and I did when her husband "fixed us up" My sister made a scrapbook layout and posted it on her blog....THANKS K, it's womnderful!! We haven't changed a bit, right? There is just about 30 pounds MORE of each of us to love :)


  1. OMG ... you guys look like you are having way too much fun!! Sorry I haven't commented on each of your posts, but you know how it is! Busy Busy Busy!! Yep, Manderzz is looking too much like a teenager! I'll tell her to STOP THAT! Well, I gotta run now! Got birthday stuff to get, food and what not. My little girl's 16 today!! :-)

  2. omg 16!! wow....What went on? Halo party? Rock Band?? Home soon with a new friend for Sugar!!

  3. I simply MUST stop reading your blog,'s making me WAY jealous and wishing I were anywhere but here....

    Got a flu shot on Tues....went home early from work yesterday with flu-ish symptoms...back at work today still feeling icky! So soak up some sun for me and keep enjoying the warmth!

  4. Nice of Capt. T to do that. Wow Manderzz does look like a teen. They grow up so fast. Mine "Borrowed," a couple of my good Tupperware containers, and a jacket. Sigh looks like a rescue will have to be mounted to retrieve the borrowed items. When they get older kids borrow and forget to return. Oh well makes for a surprise visit to them.
    Sounds like your mom is enjoying everything and the kids are enjoying her. Way to go Dyls and Manderzz they both did well. Enjoy the sun and your spa time.

  5. Ok, The scale at the bottom of the blog has GOT TO GO!!! You'll be a basket case!!!
    Manderzz looks beautiful!!! Just wait till you see her in a beret!