Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Busy Weekend that Won't End...

I slept in, missed brunch, darn it. But I ate Grand food 2x yesterday, I think I will be OK without MORE!
Manderzz and I grabbed the puppy and CB and walked "Glass Beach" and then for a bit on Summer Bay Beach too. It was so nice nobody wanted to go inside. Not a lot of glass, but lots of sunshine and fresh air.
Manderzz made CB some special cookies and he gave her a FANCY pair of sunglasses, he gave Jr some too --Manderzz' are so cool, Jr's make him look like a weird John Lennon wannabe. I'll get a picture when he's feeling more photogenic.
We ran into Dan Y, and Linda with her dog Molly on the way home near Tuitakoff Field. Molly doesn't care for babies! Funny dog.
Dan was playing with his giant kite, for kite boarding?? Straightening the cords or something, Bella was enamored!

The party last night was fun! I introduced AG to Amaretto Sours --blended not on the rocks and she EVEN liked them!
We sat with Linda (all 3 of us have mystery husbands who are hardly ever in town) and Dede and her husband who's gone almost as much...but is in town this trip.

Manderzz and I are off to the library-- Cora has a contest to win $100 to spend at the Grand and a bunch of Halloween stuff...we have to give it a try! Will miss Lauri ...GET WELL!!!!!

Our pumpkins need attention!!

CB gets to hold Bella for the 1st time; Manderzz looking sooo cool in her new glasses.

Bella got cold and climbed into CB's jacket

Summer Bay was gorgeous today.

Bella really liked Dan Y and she wanted to make friends with Molly...Molly will give her a chance in maybe a year.


  1. OMG .. that picture at the top .. that is the sickest costume I've ever seen! I LOVE IT!! Love your pumpkins .. I just bought two little ones. Gotta carve them soon. I got 8 bags of candy at Safeway .. I'm sure that will be enough! Oh, and YES, those Amaretto Sours were delicious!! I'm definitely gonna have those more often!

  2. CD gal looks like you had a fun night. Manderzz cookies look good love her glasses very cool. Little Miss Bella is just making friends everywhere she goes. Aw Molly doesn;t know what fun she is missing, Bella is too cute not to like. The bay is gorgeous great picture of ity Love the pumpkins you will make them special. I got some to split and put out in our field for the deer to enjoy. We have a family that comes up to feed. Great picture of the costtume looks gruesome.

  3. That is one cute puppy - glad the weather had gotten better for all those trips outside, I see you out there all the time!

  4. thanks my update to you was emailed!!

  5. Manderzz cookies were very good even if the one did turn my tongue black with food coloring!!! LOL