Wednesday, October 07, 2009

ATV Riding & Tonight Sammy @ Cabo Wabo!

My wrist band --people plan whole vacations around Sammy's birthday week! Who knew??
T saw several lizards..I was focused on keeping up with the tour guide and not screwing up! We wanted to see a snake (we're from AK have never seen one in the wild!) but all we got to see was a hawk or eagle with one he'd caught.

T is finally took us a week to slow down and enjoy being on vacation. The first 3 days don't count we were in ANC or flying, pure misery.

The rumor is that some scenes from the movie Troy were filmed here at Migrino Beach. We keep hearing that everywhere we go. Maybe it was filmed at several locations??

I love ATVing we will definately do it every time we come here. T wants to do dune buggys or green zebra buggys next time --very cool!

He did it!!After 4 hours in line from 4am-9am T and super fan "Jerry" got us wristbands to the Sammy Hagaer show tongight at Cabo Wabo. I know about 4 songs from the 80s, but I'm excited nonetheless!!


  1. OMG...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sammy Hagar! Please tell him I said hi...LOL

    What a blast you are having! You are missed here, I must say...Enjoy! You deserve it!

  2. sounds like you guys are having fun. Oh, is that the new math? 9 - 4 = 4? Or maybe tequila-haze math? lol - don't you miss your sissy?

  3. CD YOU LUCKY GAL You are going to have such fun at the concert. I love Sammy Hagar enjoy the concert. Love the lizard picture sorry you haven't seen a snake yet. ATVing looks like a great time. So glad you are having such fun.

  4. oops ya got me..whateves you're the cpa it's your job to catch those addition errors, right?
    I drank half a drink day before yesterday and none yesterday or today...maybe tonight? I just forget even though it's free...not my thing.
    thanks M!!!!

  5. Lauri...i will tell him you said Hi! lmoa...

  6. Im Glad you are having fun. Weather has been crap here and lots of people are sick. In bed myself most of today, Yuck!!
    Have fun tonight and get back soon, we all miss you!!
    And yes, Junior is working very hard. With the "Pirates" on Vacation he had the entire omlette station himself on Sunday and worked his ass off!!!

  7. Thanks CD! I appreciate it!...Too bad CB is sick, apparently the OP crew and some of the DC captains' and crew flew in, someone said "the fun begins at 9AM???)....get on it CB!!! ;)

  8. WOW, it looks like you guys are having a fantastic time in Cabo! I hope you get to see a snake while you're there. lol! You can always come to Alabama and find one! Enjoy the party! :)

  9. No fun to be sick CB....glad I was apparently immune (lol now I've jinxed myself!) when the 2 youngest kids got it. I didn't know both the Js were out of town....good for Jr. keep him busy!
    hmmm Lihhzzz I don't think I want to vaction any other place --ever lol...why when it's so perfect here!