Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back To Normal...As Normal as Can Be With a Puppy!

Manderzz' team.
Go Manderzz go!After 2 beaches this is what we get --hooray a sleeping pup!
My haul is on the left and AG's on the right I found the largest piece of brown that we've ever seen!
AG getting some puppy loves.

She is good on all but the really huge boulders between the two we drove.

It was getting dark and her paws got wet...she was hiding in my hoodie, silly girl.
She's starting to climb on things and jump down too.
Kinda bugging Sugar, but being a good girl Sugar is learning to deal 'wif it.

I can't believe I haven't really been online in 9 days! Time really went quickly...I have a lot more of our Cabo adventure to share --already trying to get AG and family to come next time...I love vacationing :) Their family works so well with ours...the wives like the same things and the husbands too... the kids can just deal 'wif it!
I better post some pics of the new addition before any snorkeling or fishing pictures. We picked up Bella on Tuesday right before the flight, it was close --we couldn't even get gas for the van we'd rented (ouch!) and checked in only 30min prior to departure!! We made it and so did Bella AND all of our luggage too, and no stops on the way, ALTHOUGH we both have a cold --I knew I was jinxed when I bragged about NOT getting sick from air travel. It's not too bad, I haven't skipped working out, or doing anything else.
I read 2 books about Labs pool side, it was a fun way to meet other lab "parents" they're all very cool people and very into their labs! Got lots of hints and we made friends that we may not of otherwise. Nowhere did I read or hear that yellow labs usually look one way but rarely they can have light eyes and pink/brown nose and coloring around the eyes...we just thought Bella was cute and sweet. She's got the odd coloring, but that's OK she blends into our family of blonds with light eyes! She loves to nap (bonus!) doesn't mind her kennel as long as we're fairly close by and goes outside half the time for "her business"
She's so fun and already LOVES her duck wing that T's friend saved for her! She's out fishing with Dills and Dad today and napping most of the time (T said, "she's just like you.")
She's not a fan of the leash --the one I got in Anchorage was too small and I didn't get to Safeway until yesterday, that'll have to change....
ANY hints on raising labs and all the cool things I can teach her would be appreciated!
One very cool guy we met in the Cabo San Lucas airport (weathered in for 4 hours due to torrential rains...but that's another story) has trained his 10 month old lab "Radar" to jog on the it!
Bella went to the beach twice this weekend and loves it, except for the water --brrr...too little still. She was cold and hid in my hoodie after a wave got her feet wet.

Manderzz had her 3rd basketball game on Saturday, the first that we've seen --they were just practicing before we left, they lost, but it was a very close game! She's gotten a lot more aggressive the league is 6th grade up through 9th grade. She's only in 6th...big age spread.


  1. CD she is adorable. What a cutie. She will blend right in with your family. So glad you had a great trip back sorry you got a cold. What a great beach glass find nice piece you found there. Manderzz looks great in her uniform. Hug the new little one for me.

  2. Hmm .. notice you didn't post a pic of that nice little pile of poo she made in my kitchen! Bwhahahaha!! Or the pee in Alex's room. LOL She is so CUTE though, we'd forgive her ANYTHING!!! She's so snuggly and cuddly, too bad Sugar gets just a wee bit jealous! Great to have you back and glad to get back on the beach walking scene with ya!!

  3. puppy is adorable!! i love labs. raised two and now i have a labradoodle. crate training is awesome and keep loads of chew toys. i found the best was an old plastic disc sled. it's been through a few dogs and is just bits and pieces now. do you guys have a vet out there?? just curious how that works in such a small and remote place.

  4. A disc sled? I have never heard of that?
    We have 1 or maybe 2 vets that visit regularly. The one from Kodiak Cowell is coming in a couple weeks. We have visiting Opthamologists, dentists and other specialists, especially the IHS clinic, they get several visiting docs each year.

    She LOVES her duck wing that my husband got for her!!!

  5. went sledding with friends and that dang lab stole one of the sleds and adopted it. he carried it on 5 mile walks and insisted me toss it like a regular frisbee. it's a great chew toy too though. labs are cute, but the smart thing is over-rated. hehe!!