Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday,... Monday....

The first mess that didn't come from her body!
Manderzz assembling our puzzle. We found the 12 pieces and they were thrown in a cauldron with all the other families' pieces. We'll see if we win on our TV program Flash! Unalaska on Wednesday night.
Silly kid, looking up "ghost" in a huge scientific encyclopedia.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE, goofy kids!
She says this is a hippie outfit. There is a colorful fringed vest from a halloween costume 5 years ago that is hippie-ish. The rest looks normal and comfy to me!!
I guess I dress like a hippie everyday according to my daughter as this is about my daily wardrobe!
Real food, and a sit-down meal. I promise I'll do it again tomorrow night kids.. we ate on the run again tonight as everyone's schedule was different.

We had a REAL full sit-down dinner with 4 different items last night...time gets away from me and we end up having something small like tacos that everyone grabs when they are home. T is out on patrol but all 3 kids + Juno and I were all here yesterday!
My husband emailed, he worked on deck yesterday and is sore today heheh...he better do that more often...can't go soft! He's been doing it for 25 years, he'll deal with it..
I need to get better about dinners, I know it's important to all eat together. We certainly do better when Dad is home.
I walked on the treadmill for almost two hours this morning! Then took AG out to lunch. She bought me lunch on SAT, so I owed her, love salads from Mag Bay...almost as much as amaretto sours (not for lunch!)
2 of my kiddos dressed up for spirit week today, they've never really participated before, I was very shocked! They looked cute as their version of hippies.
Manderzz and I went to the library yesterday and tonight too. We did a scavenger hunt to be entered in a drawing for a big basket of Halloween goodies (there is a Dobby mask that Manderzz really liked) and a $100 gift certificate to enjoy everyone's favorite brunch!! It was fun and we delved into shelves beyond the TV DVD series!!

Ohhh and yes, Bella is getting curious and busy! This reminded me of last June at the Great Wolf Lodge when my sister left her sweet kiddo Jack with me and Jr while she and the other 3 kids went to the water slides. Can't leave babies alone for a minute!!


  1. Awww CD, that picture reminds me of "Marley and Me"....adorable! Love the pics and wishing you the BEST of luck in the library contest! You deserve to win!

    Check out my blog and pass the word on my halloween costumes...they are really gorgeous!!!

  2. Dinner looks yummy. Poor Capt. T LOL I hope you win the contest the prizes sound great. You all deserve to win.Bella is so cute she has that "Honest it was like that look." LOL What a little character. Love the "Hippie Look," I have some clothes just like that and they are very comfortable. Just wait when the kids get older they will learn what they call Hippie now is actually comfortable LOL. It is raining here I have a huge puddle in the yard if it gets any bigger I am going to start putting those little bath tub boats in it. LOL

  3. CD, if you can sneak out Saturday come up the hill, we are having an open house/Halloween party from 8 to 11 or so . . . . stop in for a cocktail and a snack if you can - cheers, steve