Friday, October 02, 2009


He's trying to not like my pup--IMPOSSIBLE!!

AG is relaxing before the flight...

A long long long day for us...from 7am - 7pm the next night, really...except for snoozing on planes.


OMG Pattycakes made me the coolestnecklace, green of course! I'll show it off when I get back. It's a cute teeny GREEN aleut basket on a necklace. We did this to see if I'll be darker than her when we return.

ohh so pale -- we've been in the sun only 2 days and already we're tan!
Too sad to be in ANC without visiting and eating supper with one of my favorite people in the whole world Heder! She was out of town...we wasted time, watched 3 boring movies, checked out the puppy at the kennel in Palmer ---- she's very very cute! We really didn't do much else, our bags were already about 45 pounds each that means no shopping! T went to the endodonist (just 2 wisdom teeth will be pulled on the way home)
At the ANC airport we ran into AG, Sonia for you Lauri and her co-worker Teri. I talk to AG at least once per day, sometimes MANY times a we were on the same flight and didn't even know I don't know! ...she jumped up and screamed, hugged me and was utterly shocked, it was fun! We had a great visit, too bad Teri and I both were not feeling so good on the flight to SEA, I am blaming the soup at 11pm from Chili's not the 2 very sweet ameretto sours that I had for dinner!

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  1. CD the puppy is very cute. Zoe will have capt. T wrapped around her little paw inm no time. Glad you had a good trip to ANC. sorry you got sick on the soup from Chili's. Get some rest and sun.