Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Need My Winter Coats!!

Bella enjoying her lamb!
I got a autographed card from John Barrowman! Captn Jack from Torchwood...his picture is on CB's blog, very cool, I love it!

Spoiled kids got shirts each from Manchester (Jr LOVES that University and they all LOVE football...not the American kind. We barely bother with Superbowl)
Dills got some British candy, everyone was eyeing them but he ate one and I guess hid the rest?? We never saw then again --guess he wasn't willing to share.
CB got Bella some gifts.
T the day AFTER his teeth were pulled :( not feeling too good.
T before getting his wisdom teeth removed, but after almost 24 hours of hanging out in airports and on airplanes....not fun! The SEA airport is chilly at night after 12 days in Mexico.

My coats are in storage! Brrr I have to go find them, I've been too busy (too lazy?) to go to my storage unit on the other side and grab them. So 8 or is it 10 times a day out outside in a hoodie with a reluctant puppy. This week has been full of scrubbing the floor, meetings, lots of cardio and getting several things off my to-do list. I never get bored. Today Manderzz was sick, I had an appointment for the 3 kids to get a portrait done (T is on patrol so just kids, again. The photographer always seems to come every year during red crab season (no complaints, glad he comes out here at all!!) I had to drag her out, I felt bad. I've watched 2 Zac Efron movies with her to make up for it. Evidently I'm a little behind...not anymore as soon as High School Musical 3 is over (seems pretty much like the others??)
I had fun doing Flash! Unalaska WED night with Matt L after a senior parents committee meeting --top secret stuff, we hope, but we hear the kids hear what the plan for the big party is every year.
At 10am I'm going to guest DJ with Gigi/Jane on KIAL. And they have 3 parties too! YAY I love our TV/Radio station. I've volunteered there for about 10 years and been on the board for 4 or 5. I have more energy to do my fun stuff now and I like that! I missed participating and having energy to do it and enjoy myself while there!
I get to leave again in 13 days for a week. I need a break ---lol lol just kidding, I'm a brat, huh? Hopefully I can get Jr over for Sr. pictures and to attend a ceremony at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He was in the top 10% of his class and got a scholarship, not sure where he's going to be going next year at this point.
He also wants to attend the student leadership conference at the school board conference, I have a bunch of inquires to make.


  1. Melly,
    When are you coming? Where are you staying? What are you doing? I cannot remember if I knew to begin with. Hunter will be so excited, mom too! Miss you, Heth

  2. Got to tell you Bella is so cute! We used to have a golden retriever named Belle, but we called her Bella. I'm so envious of the autograph from John Barrowman from Tourchwood! Since I watched the 5-part series Children ....(loss of words here - jelp me out CB) - I have fallen for John - LOL! Haven't posted in a while - it appears you were in England? We just had friends from Oxford come and visit and we have promised them that in a year or so, we are going to visit them. I'll have to catch up on your blog. Hope all is going well with Manderzz's swimming.

  3. those were CB's gifts from the UK. We were in Cabo! It was Dills who was swimming this fall...he did GREAT! But when he's in high school next year he has to choose X-county or swimming not both and he's leaning toward running. Manderzz' kids league is in the spring.

    Heder...opps I think I forgot to mention --school board fall conf. I'll email details!!

  4. ohh yeah, I watched Series 1 and Series 2 but not the Chidren.... HELPO CB!!! Need a blank DVD to help me out???

    ohh that is socute you had a retriever that you called Bella...our resort had a restaurant Bella California that we ate at all the time...I liked it for a pretty girl!

  5. Children of EARTH!!!!!!!
    And I only have it on i-tunes so you could just borrow my i-phone for 6 hours.....probably while I sleep so i would not go through I-phone withdrawl!!!

  6. What nice gifts CD CB did a great job. Bella is so cute. I love her little lamb. I sent some goodies your way so Manderzz would not go into any withdrawals from her favs. LOL Hee Hee kids seem to always find out when you try to surprise them hmm must be kid esp. Cool getting to DJ on the radio have tons of fun. Hope Capt. T is feeling better yucky having to have Wisdom teeth pulled. I know the photograph will turn out great. Tell Manderzz to get better so she can enjoy her goodies. Stay warm I'll think heat wave for ya.

  7. Precious pics. Glad you get to DJ that is so nice.Hope the Capt. is feeling better. Looks like you're getting some snow now. Enjoy reading your blog keep up the good work. Am home recovering from reattached shoulder and your news and pics are so uplifting... some day I may get that AK trip but your pics help bring it to me here. Have a great week!! Thank you again.

  8. Thanks CJ....that's so cool to hear, who knew? I think we have a good life out here in the middle of nowhere! Take Car...get better!!